the material... it is not me looking for it, but it looks for me!

from the material rise themes, emotions, vibrations just like a full up river, is inexhausable source from which to obtain fantasy, originality and artistic improvisation.

Costanzo Rovati


The first artworks of Costanzo Rovati, given birth during his artistic-professional formation, relate to the period from 1965 to 1970.

Since immediately he took interest in all is nature and material, like that he discovered the great magic of the relief, becoming motif of artistic choice which guided him towards a continuous research for natural varietiles of materials and substances in a thematic context, to be understood as empty-full, towards a perspective depth.

His works are a perfect axiom of painting-sculpture, plasticity of forms and spaces, volumes and dimensions perfectly equilibrated where the colour creates emotions and vibrations of great creative intensity, original and personal.

Ingrid Gebert